Mohammad Reza Atashzad

Master Watercolour Artist, Art Instructor, Founder & Manager at Atashzad Art Gallery.


Master Watercolour Artist Mohammad Reza Atashzay called Atashzad, born in Isfahan, Iran in 1958 is a well-recognized watercolour artist throughout Iran as well as abroad.

His degree from Isfahan School of Fine Arts and National University of Iran in Tehran as an architect has been followed by thirty six years of work, travel, research, and observation of different works, providing him with first-hand knowledge and understanding of the advanced approaches and techniques in his watercolour works.

Atashzad served more than 30 years as head of his own Academy of Arts in Tehran, teaching his enthusiastic students his own exceptional techniques in design and watercolour.

He has published more than five hundred greeting cards and posters in a very delicate artistic style, as well as five collections and a book of his selected works. Moreover, he has held over 100 individual and group exhibitions around the world.

In his vibrant and spectacular images, light is employed for the expression of natural beauty, and a fleeting emotional experience is mirrored by each of his works despite the haste required by watercolour painting. His paintings depict his deep contemplation and passion, which has made him a very well known and popular artist.

Atashzad is a man of enormous talent and is significantly different from others as his creations are a cross between reality and poetic imagination. At times it is difficult to differentiate between the two. 

Recent Work